InterJournal Complex Systems, 22
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [22]
Submission Date: 963011
Simulating quantum mechanics on a quantum computer
Author(s): Bruce M. Boghosian , Washington Taylor

Subject(s): CX.09

Category: Brief Article


In this paper we give a concrete example of a class of algorithms which can be used to simulate a system of many nonrelativistic quantum particles obeying the many-particle Schrodinger equation. These algorithms are naturally suited for a quantum computer, and can be implemented in terms of a few simple local unitary operations on a lattice of quantum bits. We begin by discussing a simple unitary lattice model for a single particle obeying the Schrodinger equation in any number of dimensions. We then describe how a system of many particles can naturally be simulated on a quantum computer in the same number of computational steps that it takes to simulate a single quantum particle on a classical computer.

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