InterJournal Complex Systems, 535
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [535]
Submission Date: 20501
Digitally Mapping Cultured Neuron Networks
Author(s): Matthew Dearing

Subject(s): CX.07, CX.11, CX.13, CX.32

Category: Report


An understanding of structural and functional characteristics in a complex network requires a detailed map of the network’s components and interconnections. Data sets representing the Internet, World-Wide-Web, scientific collaboration networks, and biological processes have been used to analyze these systems’ network characteristics [1]. However, there has been a lack of sufficient architectural data for another interesting complex network system: interconnected neurons. We present a method of automated digital image analysis to extract critical network properties from a cultured neuron network. Our data collection software provides information for mapping cultured neuron systems, which will later be systematically compared to the functional characteristics of neuron devices with similar network structures. [1] Albert, R., Barabási, A. L. (2002) REVIEWS OF MODERN PHYSICS 74, 47.

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